Hi Everybody,

I know this isn't the shortest post on here but bear with me.

I have found an effect I like and am looking for a way to reproduce it and am looking for suggestions. The effect is the way the image comes in on:
http://www.aussiebum.com.au/ (not the inflating underwear).

I can the effect using multiple photos with the "linear dodge" effect applied in photoshop, and then fading each image into the next... but the final file size is prohibitive.

I can do a fade in from white but this isn't a basic fade in. The rgb values get halved at every frame (or every time the code is applied).

For instance a pixel with the values R:24 G:12 B:52 will be R:12 G:6 B:26 then R:6 G:3 B:13, until the correct photo values are left.

So I thought if there was a way for Flash to take multiple instances of my image, overlay them, and just add the values; and then delete the instances one by one, I would have my effect.

I need to know how to tell flash to add the rgb values of all the instances; or an equivalent fix. I know this is a bit of a soft description, but I am doing my best. For those of you that have made it this far, I thank you.