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Thread: Tags are pretty cool

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    Thumbs up Tags are pretty cool

    I love the new thread tags feature, and how people other than the original author can tag threads. I just hope that the way I've been using them isn't frowned upon.

    I've added a total of two tags to threads in the AS3 forum, 'wrongforum' for someone asking an as2 question, and 'thingsarenotnames' for someone yet again trying to use Strings as MovieClips.

    Is there standard etiquette for adding tags, or is it pretty much whatever goes?

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    thanks for the feedback. It looks like thread tags are a newly added feature included with the recent vBulletin upgrade the forums received last week. We'll have to see how it goes. It may end up being restricted to only moderators, or members with a certain post count, we'll have to see how it goes. You're welcome to come up with a "standard etiquette for adding tags" list if you like. You can either post it yourself or we can make a sticky thread if we decide to keep the feature enabled.

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