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    [F8] [CS3] Slide show to video options - Ideas?

    I ultimately want an .avi or mpeg movie, linear playing.

    I have found that saving to video format (avi, quicktime) is not really supported. A friend suggested that I buy a video capture card. I was wondering if anyone has needed to make a movie out of a Flash slide presentation and how they did it. I've looked into MS Encoder and Frap.

    Is there a software capture that will work well? Techniques? Hardware?

    From what I have found Quicktime requires an earlier Flash Player, but slideshows require a later one.

    Quicktime & Avi export fails out.

    Quicktime Log:
    Starting Frame-Counted Capture to 2 Frames
    Frame Number Desired Capture Time Actual Captured Time
    0 0.083 0.195
    1 0.278 0.385
    Frame-Counted Capture Done at Time 0.400

    The swf's play well but Avi export makes a tiny empty file.

    Thanks for you comments!

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    I've done something similar--I've found exporting just about anything from flash (that isn't an .swf or .html file) looks bad. Do you have either FCP or Premiere? I've exported animations as .png sequences from Flash, imported them to the video editor, and then exported as a .mov/.avi file.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks for the idea...

    I've got Premiere, no Final Cut Pro. I'll try that. I have a bunch of sound clips that will have to be re-synced. Ouch. I was hoping to do something more automated. But hey, I gotta flesh out my toolkit and options.

    104 slides, 105 soundbites...

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