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    I have a problem that hopefully someone will be able to help me with.. I'm doing a presantation not a web page for a certain company, The over all size does not matter for it will be viewed on a single computer.
    My movie has two scenes that just loop, each about 600 frames long. As soon as scene two is over and scene one begins everything becomes choppy, Txt and images. I have the Antialias thing checked.. what can it be?
    Please help

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    It sounds like you have a low frame rate and short tweens. You need to speed up the frame rate to about 24 fps and then make the tweens longer this will smooth everything out. Regards, Bill

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    You may also want to make sure that your jpg's are optimized going into flash and going out. This is just something to do AFTER the above advice. Cheers, Steve Starr

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