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Thread: Flash Media Server Video Conference Application (Using Flash Media Server)

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    Flash Media Server Video Conference Application (Using Flash Media Server)

    We have Flash Media Server installed on Windows and Linux. We need a Video Conference type of application. The sample_videoconference app from Adobe is 75% where we need to be. We need help adjusting the height/width of the file/video frame; seperating the video frame; posting a username variable (so that the login process can be skipped), and in addition, we need to archive the live video coming from the conference participants.

    So I guess the app would have to record and stream at the same time. We have an application that will be able to call in a specific URL, and we'll be able to pass variables through the URL, such as username. The applaaction is a chat-like application that would have 8 or so embedded browser windows in it, each supposed to display the live video stream coming from said users in that chat.

    Anyways, if anybody understands the inner workings of sample_videoconference and/or recording and believes they could help, we'd be willing to pay for your services. If you only want to give pointers, that's fine also. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    There are a lot of companies out there that can give what you need . Not difficult.

    It's time to go live

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