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Thread: need on rollOver effect for onDrag selector switch

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    need on rollOver effect for onDrag selector switch

    I have a rotating selector switch for the navigation of a site, you can click on it and drag it around to one of the 9 page choices and when you release it the page will change to the last choice the pointed end of the switch was pointed at (see attached image).

    Here's the code on the main timeline:

    // establish a start position
    var startRot = -60;
    var numOfPos = 9;
    var degSpacing = 15;
    // *************************** list of URLs
    var myLinks = new Array("www.test.co.uk", "www.test.co.uk", "www.test.co.uk", "www.test.co.uk", "www.test.co.uk", "www.test.co.uk", "www.test.co.uk", "www.test.co.uk", "www.test.co.uk");
    var endRot = ((numOfPos-1)*degSpacing)+startRot;
    var posArray = new Array();
    for (var i = 0; i<numOfPos; i++) {
    knob._rotation = 0;
    knob.pointer.onPress = function() {
    	knob.onMouseMove = function() {
    		// add a mouse move event to the knob
    		// get an angle to the mouse using atan2 (gets radians)
    		var angle = Math.atan2(this._parent._ymouse-this._y, this._parent._xmouse-this._x);
    		// apply rotation to knob by converting angle into degrees
    		this._rotation = Math.round(angle*180/Math.PI);
    		// make sure rotates only within valid area
    		if (this._rotation<0 && this._rotation<startRot-(degSpacing/2)) {
    			this._rotation = startRot-(degSpacing/2);
    		} else if (this._rotation>0 && this._rotation>endRot+(degSpacing/2)) {
    			this._rotation = endRot+(degSpacing/2);
    knob.onMouseUp = function() {
    	// if a mouse move event, delete it on mouse up
    	if (this.onMouseMove) {
    		delete this.onMouseMove;
    	var newPos = numOfPos-1;
    	for (var i = 0; i<numOfPos; i++) {
    		if (this._rotation<posArray[i]) {
    			newPos = i;
    	this._rotation = posArray[newPos];
    	// **************************** put your getURL code here
    	trace(newPos+": "+myLinks[newPos]);

    I need to add a 'onRollOver' type effect when the pointer is pointing at each button, can anyone please show how i would do this with the above code?
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