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Thread: What's your opinion on "full screen flash design"?

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    I just thought I would post this question because I for one am curious about how the majority of people feel about full screen design in comparison to fiting your design into a browser. From what I have seen people who are apposed seemed to be very upset that anyone would want a design this way, while others on the opposite would say that as long as it is tastefully designed it works out just fine. I myself am stuck in the middle on this one. I do like to feel like I have full control, or having "browser security" but at the same time it's actually quite cool, when done respectively, to see a really cool design as part of your opperating system. I won't name the ones out there, but I'm sure you've all seen them and they look quite good. So again I don't want to have a direct standpoint just because I think both are good for the web community, but I would like to hear what everyone has to say. Thanks for you time.

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    hi and welcome to FK

    That's a nice topic for discussion: there's a debate going on at the moment, basically you either love it or hate it!

    Personally: i like full screen, when it's done properly it can be an awesome visual experience, that can strenghten your brand and reward the user (egomedia is a very good example---> they allow user to select background colors etc and that interactivity element is very empowering -which some ppl like)

    I haven't met a client yet who wants full screen -i'd do it for my site though and I'd make sure there's a close window/exit option. I think the trick is to think first who your target audience is and what they'd like /expect to see.


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    Hi there,
    I think Aria is right on the money there...it depends on your target audience. If designed correctly a fullscreen can really immerse your audience in a rich enviroment without any of the add ons detracting from your presentation. Having said this I can't think of a good reason to do this except maybe as an option for a design site. Maybe with time as we see more convergence with data casting and the like it will become more workable. For the moment though there are many browser issues and compatibility to be taken into consideration, as well as the general user being freaked out.

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    If I can take the opposite side of the debate for a moment,
    Control is an important thing when a user is browsing the web. I often get frustrated if a program opens up full screen without giving me an option first, and then I'm not tying up my phone line and paying for access to have to find the exit button.

    I'd say if you plan on doing something fullscreen, it needs to have a really good reason to be so. The reason interfaces are standardized is so people get used to them - I know that an arrow pointing left means I can go back. In my web browser or anywhere else, really. Once you take that away from me, and make me search for an exit button, I will Alt-F4 or CTRL-W your page faster than the time it takes for your preloader to preload.

    I wouldn't mind content being full screen offline, particularly if I knew what I was getting into. When you quit a program, it'll ask you several times if you're sure. Certainly a nuisance to experienced users, but a boon to someone with big fingers who accidentally hit the wrong button combination without saving his 200 page novella. Now, if I click a link and am thrown to a full-screen site without having any choice in the matter, I'm generally gonna be frustrated. I can't go back, I can't access my bookmarks (or bookmark your site, for that matter), I can't even open up other windows while I'm waiting for your 1.5 meg site to download. And if I can't figure out where your animated dancing close button is, you're running up my phone bill on my slow-as-snails 56k modem.

    Now, I'm hardly everyone, but to recap, here's my opinion.
    Yes, done correctly, it can be immersive. But it shouldn't be done just for the sake of doing it, and the user should always be in control.

    My $0.02 US.

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    I hate it. Any site that goes full screen gets quickly exited out of.

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    i'll post the same thing i put on site check, since i'm assuming this is where the post is supposed to be (in the design area)

    full screen = very very bad

    Even 100% on a browser doesn't work out too well.

    When I am at work I use 1200 / 1400 as a screen depth (or is it 1600... I forget). And I'm not interested in going to a web site that wants me to put my entire attention on them. It really really bothers me.

    Another thing is typography. People like to read at certain point types, if a flash file auto sizes then some people could be reading at 10pt type (which is good) and others could be reading at 18pt type (which is bad). If I handed out a Stephen King novel written in 18pt type no one would be interested in reading it. The letters become images and staying in a good left-right reading format becomes way too difficult.

    Especially since sans serif font has become the most popular font in the world now

    Reading a serifd (new word) font at 18pt is difficult enough, but reading a paragraph of sans serif is eye popping.

    A brochure is made for 8.5/11 paper; you wouldn't put a brochure on a billboard. Same thing with business cards, would you make an 8.5/11 business card?

    Of course every rule of design is made to be broken... but that's more difficult then it sounds.

    I don't consider myself a great designer. But I've learned allot from people I consider great designers. So most of this is what they've told me, and it makes sense.


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    My opinion is that if you're site is a gaming site or something, then a full screen format might be cool. A full screen flash game or something. But other than that, I can't find a practical reason to go full screen. I've personally never seen a full screen site in action, but I can see why it would be a pain in the ass.

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    make two possibilities to choose from:

    one fillscreen and one in normal window mode.

    double effort, double success...

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    hello Shamrock Design.
    personally i like options, don't force anything on the viewer you will then get that response 'love it or hate it'. i personally hate it. though that's not to say i wouldn't make it an option on my site if the design called for it. also as a mac user full screen does not completely work like it does on pc, i still have my window to resize it, i know if you decide to use full screen make sure to add an exit, so people like me can run out of it. j/k. some will though. i've gone into plenty of sites w/o visual escape. i know to hit control+w to escape on pc.
    well that's one opinion.

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    WI, USA

    two choices is probably the best solution.

    Myself, I like the fullscreen, but mostly when it is black background (for some reason, black background is tight :-). Fullscreen can pull in visitors to focus on that web site, but not everyone though.
    Check out my unique work with fullscreen at http://mbsoft.tripod.com/FlashSite/ . Webmaster of that website has decided to put a choice of fullscreen and windowed, and that would be probably the best solution for all website with a fullscreen, unless someone is really certain of either choice.

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