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Thread: [F8] reformat integer to money string

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    [F8] reformat integer to money string

    I'm working in flash 8 and as1.

    I'm using this code that I found on the web..

    Basically I'm just reformatting an integer to a money formatted string. The thing this code doesn’t do is add commas to the number. (Example: 1000 will return $1000.00)

    Does anybody know how I may update this code to include commas in its output?


    PHP Code:
    function moneyFormat(num){
    valor String (Math.round(num 100) / 100);
    dot valor.indexOf(".");
    money "$";
    dot == -1){
    valor += ".0";
    temp valor.split(".");
    addDecimals temp[1].length;
    i=1i<= addDecimalsi++){
    valor += "0";

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    split valor into an array, then loop backwards over the resulting array in steps of 3 and use splice to put a comma in. then return array.toString();

    dont forget to start the loop at valor.length - 3 to account for the cents and decimal.

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