I wasn't sure how to categorise this question - so apologies if it's off-topic - but it does concern an AIR application that I'm putting the finishing touches to.

I've written a Spreadsheet/Graphing/Database analysis app. I'm about to put in csv file import, and it's a small step to enable it also to import from csv feeds online.

Does anyone know of some good csv feeds that I can use to demonstrate my app? Ok, by "good feed" I mean something that would translate to meaningful (frequency) graphs. (pie or bar charts). For example:-

94868,"Melbourne",20020719,5,0050Z,"Mostly sunny","Mostly sunny",17,9,10
94868,"Melbourne",20020720,6,0050Z,"Showers","Show ers",15,9,70
94868,"Melbourne",20020721,0,0050Z,"Mostly sunny","Mostly sunny",15,6,20

A feed like this would enable me to plot graphs of the weather in Melbourne. Graphs of temperature, rainfall, etc. My applications will even produce graphs of enumerations [Showers,Mostly Sunny... etc].

That's the sort of thing I want. The example was about weather, but I'm interested in any data, and varied examples.

(Not easy to find using a web search - I just get useless commercial links).