I have an XML file generated by our CMS. It's gives me a node like this:

            <p>Wood scientist and consultant Howard Brickman first saw this cutting gauge being used by a veteran stairbuilder who referred to it as “the pair of pants.” The gauge is also known as a "preacher" for its proclivity to tell the truth. Howard uses his preacher to fill in pieces when laying a floor. In this video, he demonstrates his simple method of building the gauge by cutting the jaw opening a shade wider than the thickness of a typical floorboard.</p>
              To learn more about Howard's technique, read <a href="/finehomebuilding/WorkArea/linkit.aspx?LinkIdentifier=id&amp;ItemID=75610">Making a French knot</a>.
The first P is fine, but in the second P that a href text is on its own line -- so it looks completely wrong. Why is this going on a separate line (note this is an example but ALL hrefs are doing this.