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Thread: Different PreLoader methods?

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    Question Different PreLoader methods?

    Hi Guys,

    Just wondering, when i google for ways to do a preloader, there are now so many methods compared to AS2 that i'm a bit lost as to which way to go...

    is there one way of doing that is a decent industry standard that is subtly better than the rest, or does it not really matter?

    Cheers, love this forum by the way, what a resource!

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    The easiest way is to just make an .swf that will load your central .swf ...in the first one, just make a URLRequest and a Loader that loads that request, for the .swf you want to run. At that point, the loader.contentLoaderInfo should be given two event listeners: One for the Event.INIT which is dispatched the central .swf is loaded (at which point it should be added to the stage), and another with ProgressEvent.PROGRESS which will dispatch repeatedly through the load. That progress event arrives at its destination function with .bytesLoaded and .bytesTotal as attributes. From that point, you can draw whatever you want as a load bar, since (.bytesLoaded/.bytesTotal)*100 = %loaded

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