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Thread: [F8] [Help] Preloader appears late

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    [F8] [Help] Preloader appears late

    Hi, I know this is a known issue but I haven't found any solution.
    My preloader only appears once it has loaded 32% of the game.. wich can leave some people with a blank screen for quite long if they have a slow connection.
    I think it has something to do with the loading the music on the first frame or something. (but I have to use that option or the musics won't play)

    I don't know if you need this, but just in case:
    Preloader code (first frame) I have a bar and a percentage text
    LOADED = Math.round(getBytesLoaded());
    TOTAL = Math.round(getBytesTotal());
    TEXT = Math.round(PERCENT*100)+"%";
    setProperty(BAR, _xscale, (_root.getBytesLoaded()/(_root.getBytesTotal()))*100);
    if (LOADED == TOTAL)
    {gotoAndPlay (3);}
    and on the second frame
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