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Thread: PHP/Flash Communication Security

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    First Time Mixing PHP/Flash

    I recently made a website built primarily on a php framework. I am going to reuse most of the code on a new website, but on this one I have used flash. Almost everything on the new website has been done in flash; such as a login area, forums, image and document sharing, and simple messaging. I am trying to keep it simple in flash, but making it all work as been a *****.

    I do no know much about how this process works. I have just begun to start it. If anyone knows of a really good resource or has any suggestions, please shoot me back.

    In my original php website, I use sessions, cookies, and a PostGres Database enough to be annoying. I have a rough idea of how I want to do this, but it is a little rigged and I am worried about security. Its not like identities and credit cards are at stake, but the uninterrupted harmony of daily life is at a risk for a small organization should the wrong little computer geek from my school find their website.

    My main problem has been with sessions. The database and cookies have been doable with php scripts, but they are kind of hacked, if you will. I am just starting to work on the sessions, but I want to read more before I attempt anything.

    Ultimately, Im not even sure if my original php code is the best, but so far, it seems to being doing the job well enough. I just want to make sure that there are no added surprises when I throw in flash. I am self taught in almost all of my programming, so I lack in form on many things, and this is one task where I do not want to slack.

    Anything at all is appreciated.
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