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Thread: BitmapData works in Flash 8.0 IDE, but not in flash player 9.x

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    BitmapData works in Flash 8.0 IDE, but not in flash player 9.x

    I have 2 BitmapData objects used as reflection of 2 movieclips. One of the objects works in both the IDE and the player. The other only works in the IDE.

    here is the code for both objects:

    working object- code is in a class in an external as file.

    PHP Code:
    private function initReflection ():Void
    par:Orbit this;
    reflectionClip.cacheAsBitmap true;
    reflectionClip._alpha reflectAlpha;
    reflectionClip.onEnterFrame = function ()
    par.bmd = new BitmapData (par.radius 4par.radiustrue0);
    this._x par.orbit._x 15;
    //this._yscale = -100;
    this.attachBitmap (par.bmd1);
    par.bmd.draw (par.orbitClip);

    reflectionClip orbit.createEmptyMovieClip ("reflection"1);
    reflectionClip.cacheAsBitmap true
    not working object- code is on the _root timeline

    PHP Code:
    //image viewer coordinates
    var iv_x:Number 101;
    iv_y:Number 87;
    //image viewer reflection
    var ivr_y:Number 234;
    //attach the imageViewer
    var viewer:MovieClip _root.attachMovie ("imageViewer""imageViewer"3);
    viewer._x iv_x;
    viewer._y iv_y;
    //make the image viewer's reflection
    var reflectionClip:MovieClip _root.createEmptyMovieClip ("refClip"1);
    reflectionClip.cacheAsBitmap true;
    reflectionClip.onEnterFrame = function ()
    reflectionClip._x _root.iv_x;
    reflectionClip._y _root.iv_y;
    reflectionClip._yscale = -100;
    reflectionClip._y += 152 2;
    reflectionClip._alpha 32;
    viewerReflection:flash.display.BitmapData = new flash.display.BitmapData (338152true0x0);
    reflectionClip.attachBitmap (viewerReflection1);
    viewerReflection.draw (viewer);
    Is there a serious difference between the two players in regards to the BitmapData object?

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    I tested the lower script and that seems to work for me with player 8 and 9. What am I supposed to see as difference?
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