Lets see if I can frame this in a way that is understandable b/c at this point I'm ready to break something.

Using Flash 8. I am using NorthCode's SmartExec feature so I can use Applescripts or an.exe depending on the platform. The PC side is working great...finally. The Mac, not so much. I created the applescripts and saved them as apps. And also updated the smartexec script to include .app. That didn't work. So i found here where someone suggested adding _script.app instead. so i tried that too. No luck. I went through all 31 of my links and can find nothing wrong with them. The problem HAS to lie within Flash b/c when I double click the Applescripts in the Finder they launch the PDFs just fine. Bu they do not work from within the flash movie. Actually thats wrong. FOUR of them work. Whats different about the four? Nothing I can see.

So i guess in the absence of a solution, is there a way to use something like the smartexec code to choose between a .exe file for the PC side and just a plain getURL function for the mac side?

I don't know. I'm simply at my wits end. Never thought the trouble I'd be having would be on the Mac side. But here it is.