Hey all,

I've been on FK for some years now, and I'd like to make my first suggestion. Since FK seems to be the leading flash support community site, I'ld love to see a new forum area created called something along the lines of "Accessible Flash" or something like that.

I work for the government and several other large corporations, and they all have to make sure all the conent is accessible to all viewers (blind, disabled, etc.).

Now that Flash has more and more accessibility functions built-in, we're using it more and more in conjunction with screen-readers such as JAWS and WindowEyes.

I'd love to see a forum where developers that specialize in creating accessible flash could share their resources, etc. instead of searching through all the other posts that appear to be accessibility-related, but end up being some asking about how to do a tween or something.

Just a suggestion. I think it would help FK get an even stronger foothold with "the man."

Thanks for saving my butt so often,