Hi there,

I have a movieclip named "CONTENT_CONTAINER_mc".

I have three different movieclips that play within CONTENT_CONTAINER_mc, there are CONTENT_home_mc, CONTENT_products_mc and CONTENT_contact_mc, depending on which button has been clicked.

The button variables are handled with _global.currentsection

Each clip fades in, then sits at a loop waiting for the _global.currentsection variable to change. When this variable changes, two things happen:
1) The movieclip is allowed to keep playing beyond the loop and begins to fade out and should the remove itself when fully transparent again.
2) At the same time the clip begins to fade out, it also attaches the new _global.currentsection which is supposed to fade in over the top (while the previous clip is still fading out).

The problem is, when the new movieclip is pressed, the old one doesn't get to fade out, it just gets replaced with the new one fading in.

To alleviate any confusion, I have attached a copy of the FLA file (Flash 8).

Click here to download zipped FLA file (1.3Mb)

I have cleared up the actionscript and grouped all library items into folders to keep them out of the way and make things as clear as possible.

My guess is the problem has something to do with levels. Can someone show me where I'm going wrong, or how to make this work? I have spent many hours trying to make this work so any assistance here would be GREATLY appreciated!

Many Thanks!