There might be gays in Iran, but telling an Iranian that there are is like telling you that your mother did it with other guys before she met your father. This might be true( today it probably is), but its still not something you want to talk about. There are lots of stuff that you will claim to be not true, even when you know its true. Its called double-think, and we are all guilty of it. For example, we all know that driving is bad for the environment, but we still do it.

In Islamic countries they have a very different way of life than in the western world. Many things that happen are not talked about, just like here, but they are different things than what we don't talk about, and so we claim that they are inferior to us. But they look at us the same way. They see our bad side (which is what the fundamentalists use as arguments) and forget about their own bad side, just like we do.