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Thread: Placeholder Image

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    Placeholder Image

    How do I set a placeholder image for an flv, that goes away after the user presses play?

    I'm working in CS3 and publishing to 8.

    Please help, I've searched all over the place, but can't find the answer.

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    This is simple - I think. It depends upon how you plan on playing your movie. If you are importing it to the library to stream flash will create a video component player for you, you must choose the skin you want. The video player component is in frame #1 of the time line. Simply create a frame in the #2 position and set a key frame there with your video component. Next 'clear' the frame in the #1 position. Create two new layers. One is for Actions - the other the image. You must stop the playhead hear -- add a stop() in the #1 position in the Actions layer so your image will appear there. In the second layer you created, make sure you have a blank keyframe in the #2 position. In the #1 position place your image. Click on it and make it a button. In behaviors add "go to 2 and play." This tells the playhead to go to 2 and execute anything there. In the Actions layer put a stop(). This stop() physically keeps the head in that position while the movie plays. Because you put a blank frame in this position on your image layer, the image is now gone.

    If the stop() and the go to play at #2 conflict for some reason, you can always add a third frame. In this scenario #2 has no stop() in the Actions layer - #3 does. So the head goes to #2 and begins streaming film, travels to #3 and physically stops. This will not interfere with the streaming.

    I have not tried this. I could make it work though - I am sure.

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