This has got to be the most frustrating (other than working on a PC)thing I have come across since working in Flash. I've just purchased a copy of Flash 5/Freehand 9 for my new PC (had to het one for work), and I can't get Flash to show me the outlines of ANY object I draw. Example: When draging the rectangle tool over the stage my mac shows me a preview of the object so I can get the right shape before I let go of the mouse button, but this bastard PC version only gives me the snap-to circle and thats it! Even when I drag symbols across the stage the symbol disappears and only the mouse remains, then I drag the symbol (or object) to the desired spot, let go of the mouse and voila its back! This is starting to drive me insane, any ideas on how to fix this?

BTW the equipment I'm using on the PC is as follows:
1)AMD 700 Athlon Thunderbird
2)256 PC 100
3)20GB 7200 RPM HDD
4)15" monitor running 800x600x32 (I know its the only weak link)

And ideas or help would be greatly appreciated!