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Thread: Random Calculations

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    Random Calculations

    Hi everyone i've been trying to get a calculation working where i get a randomly generated number and have the user mentally divide it by 10 then enter an answer. I keep getting the answer as incorrect and i dont know why
    I have 3 text boxes
    dy1 - dynamic for the random number
    dy2 - input for the answer
    dy3 - dynamic for "Correct" or "Incorrect"
    And 2 buttons
    randomnum - to get the random number
    calculatenum - for the user to get the result of their answer

    the code i have so far is...

    var calc = (ranNum)/10;
    randomnum.onRelease = function() {
    var ranNum = Math.round(Math.random()*100)/100;
    _root.dy1 = ranNum;

    calculatenum.onRelease = function() {
    var input = Number(_root.dy2);

    if(input = calc){
    _root.dy3 = "Correct";
    } else {
    _root.dy3 = "Incorrect";

    Im no the greatest at programming so please forgive any newbie mistakes

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    maybe try getting the text from the actual textField

    var input = Number(myInputBox.text);

    also, trace out some variables, in the calcnum function:

    calculatenum.onRelease = function() {

    trace(input+" "+calc)

    if anything is undefined then tell us what.
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    thanks i've managed to solve the problem now

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