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Thread: Hi! New guy...

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    Hi! New guy...

    I've just downloaded the free version of 3D Flash Animator, and I have a few questions.
    1: What exactly will I lose after the 7 day trial?
    2: Is there anyway to like constantly randomize a dithered gradient background (to like lazily show fast moving ground or something).
    3: Any chance you can support Autodesk FLIC files for importing?
    Oh, no, wait... This is flash. No hardly known formats. :S

    4: How do I do so that a one Move To Scene is repeated, but not another? Just wanting the background to fly by indefinately, and have another object glide in and stay in the center of the scene until end of movie.

    Anyways, so far I'm liking it. Though the price looks a little steep... :/


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    1) With regards to registration - please read ...


    2) You could use the noise functions of the BitmapData object inside of some '#if as2' directives. Overlay that with a partial alpha gradient.

    3) Does anybody still use Flic? i thought that format died in the 90s. If it is making a comeback, let me know It would not be hard to implement. You will soon be able to implement your own reader with the ByteArray class.

    4) In the current version, the only way to have two separate timelines is to use Child movies. However, the next release introduces "multiple asynchronous timelines". Very soon you'll be able to animate anything, anytime, without needing to worrying about frames, scenes, or movies.
    (3DFA Support Team)

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    Well, I've seen some FLICs here and there. I know that Cosmic Bugs uses FLICs for their animated sprites. And Ulead Video Studio 9 seems to use an improved version of this with the extension FLX (16-bit). But I also have an Atari Falcon with a program called Apex that produces 16-bit FLH files (not sure what the difference is between FLX and FLH). Also, I'm not sure which has the better compression. GIF has this LZW compression, but FLIC saves changes only. Plus the FLC format allows for multipul palettes so it can look like more than 256 colors.
    You might as well implement it, one never knows. If you need a sample of the FLX or FLH just tell me.

    Oh, and btw, when I clicked the Reply button, logged in, clicked the redirect link, and saw this reply form loading, suddenly I was redirected to what seemed like the Flash Kit main page (or ads page). Luckily I could click Back and Stop the loading...


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