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Thread: [F8] [AS2, CS3] Variables not updating constantly

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    [F8] [AS2, CS3] Variables not updating constantly

    I have variables some of which have values derived from dynamic text boxes with instance names, some var = (calculations) and some "if" statments. Finally a final value is derived and passed to a movie. The problem is that my trace statments show that the values are calculated once, then no more. Does this need to be in a onEnterFrame function? I tried that but it didn't work, although I made have made a typo.

    Here's the code. If the solution is still obscure I can add the rest, or even a .fla.

    Thanks a lot, I'm struggling but moving forward on this project.

    PHP Code:
    var sunTime = 0;
    sunTime = (sunMinutes+(sunHours*60));
    trace ("a"+sunTime);
    if (ampmthing = true) {
    sunTime = sunTime+720;
    trace ("b"+sunTime);
    sunTime = sunTime-300;
    trace ("c"+sunTime);
    if (sunTime<0) {
    sunTime = (sunTime+1440);
    trace ("d"+sunTime);
    trace ("e"+sunTime);

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    just like you said: put your code inside an onEnterFrame or set an interval, such as:

    function calcTime(){
    // your code here
    var inter = setInterval(calcTime, 1000);
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