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Thread: Passing Data between Flash + PHP

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    Passing Data between Flash + PHP

    It's been a loooong time since I messed around with flash but I've got an interesting idea and I need some help

    The site I'm working on has several freely available Flash games, none of them made by me.
    What I would like to do is fetch the player's score after they finished/lost the game, and add it to the Top Scores on my website.
    The problem is obvious - I don't have access to the FLA files used to develop these games.

    What are my options? Am I SOL?

    EDIT: Mods, this thread might belong in the "Games" section, I wasn't sure!
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    The only way I could ever do this is to make an honor system based scoring. Your going to get swear words and super high scores though, unless you program it to watch for those sort of things.

    No easy way unless you made the flash.
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