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Thread: Exporting .mov in Flash 8, in order to import into Final Cut Pro...

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    Exporting .mov in Flash 8, in order to import into Final Cut Pro...

    Hello Geniuses out there!

    I need some help. I made a cartoon animation in Flash 8 and would like to export it into a format that is read by Final Cut Pro so that I can include it in a documentary film I am making. I have tried to export it as a .mov file however it said that I needed to change the setting to a Flash 5 file format or earlier in order to do the .mov export. When I changed the selection to Flash 5 (in the publish settings window) I then tried to export it again. Then there was an error again. It said some of the features I've used in my animation are not supported by Flash 5 and that I would need to change the setting to be higher (I think).

    Anyway, please help! Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!

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    Keep in mind that when exporting to Quicktime, the animation has to be strictly timeline animation. That means no actionscript. Are you using any components or anything else?
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    I have exactly the same problem. I was just testing with a very simple animation, but it doesn't work, it keeps asking for flash 5 although i've changed the settings...

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