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Thread: Paint Shop Pro vs. Adobe Photoshop

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    I've been hearing alot of "yap" around the net, and Yahoo! chat, about which is the best program for graphics...I currently got in contact with an Adobe Photoshop creator (Bill K.) and he said Adobe Photoshop was created for the large businesses who are mostly into the image printing industry...I asked him about Paint Shop Pro, he said he has tried it at a time, he also said that Paint Shop Pro is actually better for Web Design Graphics. He said you can still use Adobe Photoshop for web graphics, but thats not it was made for...he said Adobe Illustrator was made for that job. He also said Adobe Photoshop is quicker than both Adobe Illustator and Paint Shop Pro but thats not what it was made for. I have all three of these programs..they are really good, actually really awesome!! Just thought I'd let you all know.

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    Well, I don't know when you talked to him, but I agree that photoshop was first created for Print Graphics, but I no longer think that it is specificly for that. With the release of 6 I think Adobe has established Photoshop as the Graphics Powerhouse it really is. It is (in my opinion) just as good, if not better than Fireworks, a graphics program for the web, and only for the web. Since PSP is only for the PC, I don't think you can compare it to photoshop, because any creditalbe graphics program should be on the Mac platform. Peace,

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    hmmm i agree that PS6 is a great program for image manipulation, and now it has extra features for web export it is ceratinly a better app than psp... but i diagree that it's better than fireworks.. i don't even know how you can compare the two of them, they are for different purposes.

    ideally i reckon you should have:
    fireworks and
    xara x

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    hiya out there,

    i LOVE photoshop.

    there's nothing, virtually nothing in the field of
    bitmap graphics, that i ever couldn't do with that
    awesome tool.

    i tried psp, i must say photoshop suits my needs better,
    but this is mostly because i do both print and web, and
    second because i never really wanted to work with any
    other bitmap tool.

    vector drawing: freehand (or illustrator)

    anthing else : hand & brain

    oh....flash rules...hehe
    (i almost forgot)

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    For Flash design Illustrator is wonderful. Although flash 5 has pen now so that does help things along a bit.

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    PSP vs. PS

    Actually there is a version of PSP for a Mac. If you get PSPA version 6.02 or above you can buy for either the PC or Mac. I got back in contact with Adobe...This time I got a Jim Waits who helped with producing Adobe Photoshop. He just wanted me to tell you all and give you all a thank you for using photoshop no matter which version.

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    I have used both PSP and Photoshop, and I can truly say i don't need PSP anymore after PS6 came out!..
    Also remember that Imageready is a part of the photoshop package, and that makes it one hell of a web-graphic combo!

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    Yeah I have PS6...don't really have much use for ImageReady...I'm not really big on animations...even if I were, I woul duse Flash 5.

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    Originally posted by aversion
    i diagree that it's better than fireworks.. i don't even know how you can compare the two of them, they are for different purposes.
    Great point.

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    Corel Photo Paint.

    Im gonna have to say that Corel Photo Paint 9, or any in the series after 5 are better than Paint shop pro.There are many Great filter effects available, and i think it has a better interface... Its the best kept secret to Graphic editing.

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    Hmm.. what is the main difference between Fireworks and Imageready? I haven't used Fireworks alot, because it looks to me like an identical program to Imageready!

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