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Thread: How to improve...

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    How to improve...

    Let me know what you think..



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    Pretty cool concept. You could simplify the directions by saying "click to select an airplane and click on the map to send it there" instead of the block of text it currently has. I think making the fuel into a health bar-like display and having the destination light up for the selected plane would make the interface more user-friendly. One thing that annoyed me is that giving a command to a plane would deselect it so once it had gotten to one waypoint I'd have to click on it again.

    These are just nit-picky things, very well done so far.

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    You should copy what AirTraffic Controller or whatever that game is on the iTouch did, basically have each runway a different colour, and then have each plane the colour of the runway it needs to land on.

    Also, the control scheme is pretty difficult. What the iTouch game did was sort of drawing mechanism, where you draw the path the plane needed to take, and it would automatically lock on to the runway. It's hard to land planes the first time in your game, maybe make the plane snap on to the runway a bit better?

    Good game though!


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