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Thread: [WIP] Flash quake/descent style renderer.

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    Had some time to work on this again over xmas/new years break so thought I would share a new demo :]

    Added or revised features include:

    * More robust shadowing - actually doing shadow volumes now instead of a flat projection. This makes some boundary cases render correctly that were failing before. The effect is still not perfect - there is a smoothing step that takes place in texture space that really should be done in world space (ie the code blurs/blends shadows using an 8 texels stencil, when it should blend using an 0.2 meter stencil). But most textures are at the same sampling density so you don't really notice that approximation. You can still only shadow by 1 light at a time - this will never change because shadowing is expensive enough already (note the drop in frame rate upon entering a new area). Screenie:

    * Support for masked textures (like chain link fence). This is not really tough to do by itself, but it is tricky to get them to zbuffer correctly. It's not really a polygonal gradient fill anymore, it's a polygonal gradient fill with holes. The example fence is not very impressive, the real reason for adding this feature is to make thin doors.

    * Underwater and under-lava graphical effects. Loved these in doom-a-like, just had to get them back. When viewed from above, water and lava are just standard animated textures that sorta ripple back and forth through a sequence of pngs. But when you jump underwater, a displacement map filter in screen space is applied to the entire framebuffer, so even the geometry looks like it's rippling too. A tint (blue or orange) is also applied. The displacement map filter was also used to generate the png sequence in the first place. Screenie:

    * Sound effects for weapons, explosions and environmental events, courtesy of SFXR. I especially like the grenade tumbling sounds - 100% quake nostalgia. There are also stereo panning and distance fading effects. The fading is a little wonky - gets to quiet too soon - but the panning feels ok. Sound can't propagate beyond closed doors, and you can also tag sectors as soundproof. Eventually there will be gameplay consequences of sounds too, like player-triggered noises will alert nearby enemies.

    * It's finally more than a camera in a box simulation - there is a player avatar with more interesting physical characteristics. The player can jump, slide down ramps, respond to friction and falls due to gravity. This screenie was made by toggling to 3rd person view and then walking your avatar around to face the static camera:

    * There's a few interactive environment elements. There are timed laser traps, moving brushes for making elevators and bridges, and doors respond to player as they approach and retreat. Screenies of an interactive bridge and laser traps:

    * Last but not least, there is a larger map to explore - 1K vertices, 1600 triangles, 32 sectors. I eventually expect real playable maps to be on the order of 3-4 times this size. There's also the first gameplay entities - find all 3 keys! However the locked (colored) doors are kinda on the honor system right now. You can walk through them without the keys, and you can't really pickup the keys anyway. Screenie in-editor:

    Left/Right/Page-Up/Page-Down to look around.
    Up/Down to walk forwards and backwards.
    Shift to jump, control to shoot, tab to cycle through weapons.
    Home to toggle between 1st and 3rd person views.

    Link to playable demo (1.5 MB, requires flash 10): here (Copy to your computer, unzip all contents to same directory).

    EDIT: Glad you guys like it! Ideas for what gameplay features would be cool on a map would be greatly appreciated.
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