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Thread: can't export as avi file from Fla

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    can't export as avi file from Fla

    I try to export video as avi from Fla. I saved swf file using ******* decompiler. Then I export as avi, but the video is black.

    Here is action script

    timer = 0;
    var listener = new Object();
    var listenera = new Object();
    listenera.start = function ()
    movfour = setInterval(function ()
    timer = timer + 30;
    cframe = mymov.time;
    loadVariables("http://www.discovermangosteen.com/dmmovie.php?flashid=" + _root.flashid + "&what=1&currentframe=" + cframe + "&movie=115&timer=" + timer, "");
    }, 30000);
    mymov.addEventListener("start", listenera);
    stop ();

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    Seems like most of your posts are about this clip. Since your last post was how to create video like this, it appears you're trying to steal their video. You won't get much help doing that from a forum full of Flash authors.

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