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Thread: [F8] To all you flash gurus out there check this out.

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    [F8] To all you flash gurus out there check this out.

    Hey all you gurus out there. I could use some help. I have never used flash before up until about a month ago. I am using Flash CS3 and have created a pretty decent flash site in my opinion. Nothing compared to some of the gurus out there but its decent. Well i am starting a computer business here in my town and i am about to start advertising and posting my site everywhere. Before i do i was hoping that i can get some advice from some of the great forum gurus out there. You guys have got me this far. If i ever had a question i looked on the forums. You can be nit picky i wont cry. I want this site to be great and attract business. I plan to add more graphics and definitely better title graphics. However for some reason i make some really cool ones in photoshop and the are pixelated when i put them into the flash website. If anyone has some really cool ideas on some great title graphics i would love to also hear about them. This site is not done by all means however it is close enough to start showing people. Please let me know if there is something that catches your eye that needs to be changed or that you like. I know this site doesn't show how great my service is but it certainly will aww people once on the site. So if you have any comments, suggestions, or tips i would love to hear from you. If you would like send a comment through the website so i can make sure everything is in working order. Thanks again for all the help you have given me already. Much appreciated.

    Here is the site...


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    Hi and welcome, so you know, there's a site feedback section here on the forum, probably get more feedback there

    A few tidbits from me.

    Try to always have some negative space around your text such as the boxes that pop up when you mouse over your services - just a bit of empty space, it makes the text easier to read and more pleasing to the eye.

    Secondly, avoid having graphic elements that don't offer anything to the site - the 3d-box doesn't really do anything, I would either gank it or somehow make it provide some info like maybe little slogans on the sides or something.

    Also, make sure everything is lined up, your site lacks symmetrical appeal. (eg the text on your services page isn't vertically aligned. Try bringing the size of your text down a bit and bringing your content inl closer to the center of the screen so it has more of a packaged feel, more cases of white space usage.

    Lastly use a font with no serifs such as arial or verdana. Oh one last thing, when you use motion tweens select the first frame and set the ease to 100 on the properties bar, it will make your motions more organic and fluid. (also set your fps to 29)

    Hopefully I didn't hit ya too hard! I think my advice will help your site to be the best it can be!

    good luck!
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    Thanks for the tips

    Thank you for all the different tips. You didn't hit me too hard and there are many things i do need to fix that is why i am sending the site out for reviews. I wasn't able to work on the site yet but i certainly will take your ideas into consideration. I really like the cube however i did some research and found some rotating picture cubes so i can either put my logo or different computer pictures to at least relate to the site more. I will definitely work on my alignment as well. Do you like how the boxes pop up on the services page or is that too much. I wanted to do that so it wouldn't look too congested and people didn't have to scroll down to find certain services here they can just roll over the ones they want to know. I need to mess around with some of those boxes because i cant really make negative space like on the computer tune up one because there is just so much information. The box would be huge. However i will work on these things and i am truly grateful for your input. Thanks again.

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