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Thread: Looking To Hire Flash Artist

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    Looking To Hire Flash Artist


    My team and I are almost finished with our newest game, and we are looking to hire an artist to polish a few parts of the game that we feel needs improvement.

    I have a playable demo of the game, as well as a list of the artwork we would like done. The pay is competitive, and we are easy to work with.

    If you are interested, please either PM or email me at danny@axis-games.com

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    I own a Digital design studio here in Brazil, we have a good team with graphic designers, web developers, programmers and art directors that can make some really nice stuff, if you want u can check our work at www.cricketdesign.com.br

    We make from games, sites, 2d animations, to adds and 3D modeling...

    To check a simple animation please go to my website and click in the link "EQUIPE" that means "OUR TEAM", there we have our team animated... but I would say it repsents like 50% of the quality we can get in 2D animations, if you are interested you can tell me and i will send you some more really good examples..

    As we are here in Brazil we can be very competitive on price, but still with a lot of quality.

    If you have interest please contact me my e-mail is rafael@cricketdesign.com.br

    Can u tell me more about the job? Deadline, payment, aspects..?

    "life is interactive"

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    flash animator / designer

    i have worked as a flash animator/ designer for almost 5 years now.my expertise are on flash animation series for TV production.i think i can give you the right quality of animation that you require. at the most reasonable price and time...please check see my online portfolio


    Graphic_Framing@yahoo.com or sushi_surgeon_27@yahoo.com

    please email me back if interested

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