Hello, some improvments for my game have been in the works. I now have switchable weapons. Cool explosion effects have also been added! Also a platform engine within the game. The platforms that are in the game currently, are just test platforms that show the layout for the first stage. The modeler is going to remake the platforms in 3d. The first stage is pretty smooth, because it's just the first stage. Heres a test:


All the pickups currently look the same, but they are all different kinds of weapons. The game is still in early stages, but I would just like to show you all, some progress on my project. This version is to show some of the new stuff, it's not really completely playable. You guys can also look at the classic release, http://www.northernmost.org/cosmos and some other neat future concepts. I will also, later show you guys some neat cool stuff in future posts, so feel free to critique our efforts. More sound effects will be added in this game, as well. The game still needs to have alot of work done to it, but progressivley this game will get better and better! Thanks for the support.

PS: Ivan should be credited for programming, Flashsaga for particle effects, and myself and Morgan Lear for 3d backgrounds.