I'm working on a small multiplayer project, and I've run into a pretty big issue.
Suppose User A is logged on, waiting to play. His character is on the map.
Then, User B logs on. User B's character shows up on his screen AND User A's screen. However, User A's character does not show up on User B's screen.
Anyways, I cornered the problem down to this. I ran this code:
npuID = npud+1; 
npuX = "npu"+npuID;
if(game.clip.attachMovie("char", npuX, npu.depth)) {
} else {
The code Traces "Working" when User B logs on for user A, however, it Traces "AWWW" for User B's screen when trying to create User A's character.
I really do not know what is wrong, any help would be appreciated.
If I'm not explaining it well, tell me, and I will try my best to elaborate.