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Thread: [RESOLVED] Button Interactivity in AS 3

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Button Interactivity in AS 3

    I am brand new to AS 3 and find myself very confused about how to use buttons that i think should be simple.

    i have 5 simple buttons built and in one FLA. i also have corresponding movie clips which are also very simple. i'd like each button, when clicked, to load a movie clip in the same spot depending on which button is clicked (i did this in AS 2 by just loading into a new level, but clearly that AS 3 doesn't allow for that). i have figured out what i believe to be the correct Script to load the movie when the button is clicked (see below).

    BUT my issues at this point -
    1. should i be putting all the movie clips in the same FLA, on their own layer? if not, how do i load them when the button is clicked.
    2. if putting them in the same FLA, and on the stage, works, then how do i load/unload when each button is clicked, so that the Movie Clips don't overlap?

    blythebeck.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, startClip);
    function startClip(event:MouseEvent):void {


    THANKS in advance for any help!

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    AMENDMENT to this. i have put up the incomplete site so that anyone willing to help can see how what i've described is set up.


    You'll see the 5 pink tabs at the top. those tabs will basically be the buttons (they'll have a word i.e. "recipe", etc).
    So what i want to happen is - when a button is pressed, a new graphic (like the text sitting on the left) will replace whatever info is sitting where the text is now. so i just need to be able to load/unload what's in that spot, using the buttons.
    i have tried to research this and can't make sense of AS3.

    thanks again for any help!
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    i got an answer - it uses all the buttons and clips on top of each other and making them visible only when the button is pressed. works great!

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