I am designing a project in Dreamweaver and have a local host i.e. Apache Tomcat 5.0.28 where I test my pages.
At the moment I am using a standard button from Dreamweaver that when pressed calls a jsp page, so the code for this button is as follows:

<form action - http://localhost:8080/project\Local_...er\history.jsp method = "get"
<input type = "submit" name = "button" id = "button2" value = "Citedal"/>

(NOTE: When the button called Citedal is pressed the jsp gets the information about the Citedal from the Database.)

This all works perfectly for me BUT....
here' the problem -

I need to use a custom made button which I have created in Flash and imported into Dreamweaver as a movie called Three_btn.swf
This button is in keeping with my design layout but I have no idea how to code it in Flash in actions. Someone mentioned to me that I need to use LoadVars(); in the actions before I import it into Dreamweaver?