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Thread: how to search ranges actionscript/XML?

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    how to search ranges actionscript/XML?

    In flash i am attempting to use actionscript to access an XML file and search for a range of numbers. The range of numbers is a child node in the XML file which is set up like this:

    <company name></company name>

    the the information inside the NAICS tags is what i am trying to search

    Idealy I would like the end user to be able to input two numbers into text boxes and have a search function check the XML file and return the information for the companies with in that range. I just can't seem to figure it out. What would be the best method of doing this?

    Thanks for any help that can be offered!

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    how many 'city_data's are there?

    you could dump the whole node into an object array then use the NAICS value to sortOn()...

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    there are about 11,000 <city_data>'s in the xml document.

    So if i used this method would i be searching the string with each <city_data></city_data>?

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