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Thread: Just launched my clothing line!

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    Just launched my clothing line!


    theres a couple things i'd still like to do but for the most part is all on there.

    i think IE gets some errors when calling my 'lightbox' feature from flash.

    any suggestions?

    thank you!
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    The transitions to enlarge the pix are nice, but I don't like the background and the splash page.

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    1) Overall UI wasn't badly designed (not bad~!).
    2) The graphics/photos were treated nicely.
    3) The shirt designs are good, imho.
    4) Buttons lack audio feedbacks (currently only visual feedbacks)
    5) I think you are selling direct from your site so you may wish to include a page which explains how payments/shipping/terms are handled.
    6) For a business operating online, a residential/commercial address will GREATLY add credibility to your operations.
    7) I note that there were no disclaimer or IP/copyrights notice for your designs. You may wish to protect your shirt designs by inducing a copyrights ownership over your produts.
    8) I assume your 'lightbox' features is the zooming in of your shirts?
    9) Your designs have a 'fun'+'Rocking' appeal to them, but its somehow not shown in your website. This isn't bad, per se. This may actually be difficult to pull off, but I think your website is getting drowned out by the overpowering images. Go for less boxy borders in your UI and add elements of your shirt designs into your background.
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