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Thread: Clipping graphics of child movies

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    Clipping graphics of child movies

    Is there a way to clip the graphics of a child movie? I want to draw a circle that runs over the edge of the movie and I want only the part inside the movie to show up. The actual function is more complicated than this, so please clipping responses only, I will not be able to draw semicircles instead.

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    All I found is to use masks.. sure, clipping rectangle would be faster but I did not found one in flash api.
    Or mayby using fixed size bitmap for drawing plane.. (totally untested... )
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    The standard method of clipping in Flash is to use a mask. Masks have the disadvantage of extra processing, but have the advantage of extra flexibility. Rendering to a bitmap surface would be as processing intensive as a mask.
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    Ok. Where would the mask go? The samples show how to mask other elements, but I need clipping for this.graphics.drawStuff, with 'this' being a small movie within the main movie. Do I create a mask on the child movie then do mask.graphics.drawStuff?

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    This need help with this one.

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    Draw for example a rectangle to your "small movie" ( using add visual elements-> paint->) Enable it's properties... Then add these lines in movie script(When movie starts script..)

    // these 2 lines make a mask to your small movie
    var mymask = element ("maski");
    this.mask = mymask;

    // test that masking is working...
    this.graphics.drawRect(0, 0, 800, 20); // draw very long rect..

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