I have a new challenge for which I've used Flash version CS3. I haven't touched on AS3 as of yet though (chose to use AS2 with which I am more familiar) but I thought I'd post here incase I should be using AS3 to solve the problem.

I'm creating a "bootstrap" for want of a better description - a flash movie that uses a MovieClipLoader to load an external SWF file into a container clip. This I have working. I then gotoAndStop the loaded movie at frame 1 and present a button to allow the user to play that movie when they're ready. Again, all fine, most of the time. The issue is that some of the movies I'm loading and then pausing have actionscript of their own and they're playing themselves and generally getting into a mess.

So the question ultimately is, is there a statement or command I can use to suspend the actionscript of externally loaded SWFs?