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Thread: controling functions and movieclips outside of the document class

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    how do u do this....

    i have some problems:
    first i have a movieclip on the stage (with no export for AS3) with the name of "cir" and it has 2 frames, i can only cobtrol these frames from the document class but not any other class that i have made which is in the document class. how do i resove this?

    also in the document class i have apublic function which i need to recall from a class which is imported into the document class, how do i do this?
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    For the first problem, you need a reference to the instance you want to control in the class/instance you want to control it from. All this means is that you need a variable which has the "cir" movieClip as its value.

    The second problem is much the same. If the class you want to call the function from is a display child of the document class, you can do something like this in the code for that class:
    If it's not a display child, then it's the exact same problem as the first case.

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