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Thread: is AS3 actaully worth the effort?

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    If things did not move on we would still have a MAC Plus with 20mb harddrive. You are complaining about progress. Without all the programing languages you could not be able to even create an image using Photoshop. You don't have to use AS3. It is a matter of choice, but there are many people who are happy about AS3 and its advantages and possibilities it opens. Eventhandling is just one example. In the past you had to use extensive scripts for example to make sure an image is loaded. Now it is one simple line.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 691175002
    I can't outright suggest any OOP books but I would recommend a trip to the library to pick up everything related to OOP.
    Books that I have read/own and would recommend are:
    Head first design patterns
    The object oriented thought process
    Applying UML and patterns
    Pattern catalog type stuff
    While almost all books are useful to some degree, it can be hard to justify shelling out 50-90$ for a book that may get 1-2 read throughs or that may be above/below your level. It is far better to skim dozens of books from a library and read the ones that fit you best. Your local public library may even have an online searchable database when you can toss in reservations.
    thanks for the tips

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