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Thread: Preloader for partial content

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    Preloader for partial content


    I've found tons of tutorials as to how to make a preloader for and entire website, but I need to know how to make one for part of a website. My entire website takes far too long to load before you can enter it.

    I am looking for a way to load just the first section of my website so a person can enter it and then the rest of the site can load in the background, or if someone clicks on a link to a section that has not finished loading another preloader would come up (if that is not impossibly hard).

    I've tried modifying preloaders to get this effect with no success. Please help!

    Please let me also know if this doesn't belong in the newbies section, thanks!

    (here is my website http://www.christineblackburne.com/ it might take a while)


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    I'm no expert on preloaders but I think the only way to do this is to load parts of your site seperately. For this you would need to split it up in to several swf files or load content dynamically.

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