Welcome to the...
(as discussed here)

RollCanvasInfinity is an endless 'Rollcanvas' style Photoshop battle. There is no long waiting periods, disappearing users will not effect turnaround time, and all anyone needs to do to contribute is simply put their hand up before submitting.

Basic Rules:
-Your submissions must be 650 px in length, and 400 px in height.
-You must submit your volleys as JPG (JPEG). To level the playing field, please set the quality to '10'.
-Submitting 'leave' images will not be necessary, simply post the full image in all it's glory in this thread.
-Your submission must be a right-side continuation of the last image posted. Please see other Rollcanvas threads to see how it's done.
-The intention is to connect all of the different users images to create one long mural image which everyone can say they have submitted to.
-Images containing sharp cuts in continuity are allowed, but discouraged. Please make the transition between your volley and the previous volley as smooth as possible.

Thread/Submission Rules:
-Your submissions must be attached to this thread. Discussion inside this thread is also welcome.
-Before you contribute, submit a 'heads-up' post to indicate that you are about to create a volley. Refresh the page (to ensure a double-post did not occur), and if you were the first to inform the others that you are about to create a volley, then you are now free to do so.
-If you do not submit a volley within 10 hours since your 'heads-up' post, then your spot is up for grabs, regardless of how half-way finished your volley is. If you require extra hours, please post the request in the thread indicating that you need more time (no more than a few hours). Please only resort to requesting more time if absolutely necessary.
-This thread is user-moderated. If a contributor submits in an incorrect format or resolution, please message the contributor and ask him/her to resubmit the image correctly.

Please note that this is an 'open' battle, with no central management of any kind. That said, there is no 'big reveal' at the end. One kind user may decide to build a website dedicated to the RollCanvasInfinity to allow viewers to see the whole canvas in its seamless glory. That said, and since there is no central management, users are encouraged to save copies of all of the volleys in this thread on their hard-drives so that if one day a website is created, someone will have the series of images.

The starting image will be attached as the next post. Could some skilled playah's take the next few turns, just to show the newbies how its done?