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Thread: can I create a Curved Text Field?

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    can I create a Curved Text Field?

    Hi all,

    is it possible to create a static curved text field?

    I know you can do it as a movie by breaking each letter into individual symbols, but I need a solution that is just a static text field that can be typed straight into.

    Its a template file you see - for other flash newbies to use and has to be dummy proof, so that they can type straight into it. code or animation is a no no.

    A simple static curved text field? Is it possible?

    Thanks in advance...

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    If it absolutely has to be a simple textfield, then no, you can't. If you're willing to handle all the actionscript on your end, you could set it up so the newbie can type into a textfield, and then on export your code takes that text and puts it into separate symbols the simulate being curved.

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    Short answer: Yes, it's possible.

    Long answer: It involves using Bitmap displacement maps. Not really something easily achieved.


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    yes, what you would have to do is make a new MC and call it whatever. Then you make a rounded oval or whatever shape you want. Then make another layer and put a text box on top of the oval. not nessicarilly rounded perfectly but its something.

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