Some of these images are super impressive.

a2 - i like the concept and the incorporation of the stock. great job with the arrows, force field, and reflecting sphere!

b2 - i love this. it looks like you've got some really strange stocks in that mix, but they all come together really well. images with white backgrounds are a tough thing to master, but you dunnit, great job!
I think the big owl on the right wants to eat me

c1 - so, i love a lot of images this round, but this is the only one i feel raw sexual urges for. AMAZINGLY CREATIVE use of stock, great job with the islands and the falling debris. the smoke trails look superb also. all in all, my favorite.

d1 - once again, great use of stock. the out of focus tail in the forefront looks great. i love the faded blue to red overlay, it gives the image a great overall feel.
Whoever lives in that castle is screwed.

f2 - ha ha ha.

g2 - great stock use, very clean feel, and great detail work. the explosion looks wonderful, the reflections in the water and the pirate flag are nice touches.

h1 - i really got a kick out of the concept behind this image, very creative stock use! this bracket will probably be the hardest choice for me.

h2 - absolutely beautiful image, but im having a hard time finding the stock.

great job all around, everyone! i had a lot of fun with my image this round, i hope the rest of you did the same!