Hi everyone,

As a designer, I'm new to importing xml myself, but really liking the possibilities...BUT...I'm having a problem on my first attempt.

I have been given and xml file to work with and it's not really changeable, here's an example...

 <?xml version="1.0" ?> 
  <club name="Benalla Golf Club">
  <club_name>Benalla Golf Club</club_name> 
  <club_address>Mansfield Road</club_address> 
  <club_phone>(03) 5762 1920</club_phone> 
  <club_proshop_phone>(03) 5762 2404</club_proshop_phone> 
  <club_fax>(03) 5762 6069</club_fax> 
  <club_midweek_addinfo /> 
  <club_weekend_addinfo /> 
You'll notice the <club_midweek_addinfo> node. This node is only sometimes filled with content.

here is an excerpt of the AS to display certain content in dynamic text...

//List of items
var golfclubs:XML = xmlLoad.firstChild;
golfclubs.ignoreWhite = true;
for (var m = 0; m<golfclubs.childNodes.length; m++) {
	//grab each item
if (golfclubs.childNodes[m].nodeName == "club") {
for (var n = 0; n<golfclubs.childNodes[m].childNodes.length; n++) {
if (golfclubs.childNodes[m].childNodes[n].nodeName == "club_name") {
	//grab the name
clubname = golfclubs.childNodes[m].childNodes[n].firstChild.toString();
if (golfclubs.childNodes[m].childNodes[n].nodeName == "club_midweek_addinfo") {
	//grab the midweek add info
MWAddInfo = golfclubs.childNodes[m].childNodes[n].firstChild.toString();
if	(golfclubs.childNodes[m].childNodes[n].nodeName == "club_weekend_addinfo") {
//grab the weekend add info
WEAddInfo = golfclubs.childNodes[m].childNodes[n].firstChild.toString();
//add the current item to the text box
textfield += "<u><font color='#6DB33F'>"+clubname+"</font></u><br>"+clubaddress+", "+clubsuburb+"</br><br>"+clubphone+"</br><br><br><font color='#6DB33F'>GFore Weekday Fee - $"+GFfee+"</br></font><font color='#666666'>   normally $"+mwstandard+"<br>additional information : "+MWAddInfo+"</font></br><br><br><font color='#6DB33F'>GFore Weekend Fee - $"+GFWEfee+"</br></font><font color='#666666'>   normally $"+weStandard+"<br>additional information : "+WEAddInfo+"</font></br><br><br><br>";
				//set the text  
		greenFeeText.htmlText = textfield;
My problem is that I need to display the info when there is data in the node, and display some sort of generic character when there isn't data in the node eg. "-". But at the moment, once flash hits a missing node, it just repeats the previous data.

I've tried adding another if statement such as...

if	(golfclubs.childNodes[m].childNodes[n].club_weekend_addinfo == null) {
					//grab the weekend add info
						WEAddInfo = "-";
...but that just shows nothing at all, whether the data exists or not.

As far as the xml is concerned, I don't really have much control over the format. I originally asked the guy to keep the node there but just have it empty. But that didn't work either...

Any suggestions would be great as I'm approaching deadline!