I have a chatroom application setup where the server end is written in Java (Tomcat webserver) and the front end is in Flash 8 (obviously).
Now I have everything working locally (where the host is localhost) and I can even make it connect to the actual server from Flash Studio.
I use the following code to create the socket and connect to the server:
var chatSocket = new XMLSocket();
chatSocket.connect("java_server", 6000);//obviously host is just an example
chatarea.text += "before connecting12312";
chatSocket.onConnect = function(success) {
  sendMess(type + ":" + uname);
	if (success) {
		if(type == "T")
			sendMess(type + ":" + uname);
		else if(type == "C")
			mins = Number(time);
			sendMess(type + ":" + uname + ":" + tname + ":" + time + ":" + amount + ":" +"NW");
		chatarea.text +="<h1>Welcome!</h1>";
	} else {
		chatarea.text += "<h1>Could not connect to server. Please try again.</h1>" ;

chatarea.text += "after connecting";
Now when I run this straight from Flash Studio it connects just fine (both locally and to my actual production server).
When I try it out in a browser neither of the two server messages show up ("Welcome" or "Could not connect to server. Please try again.") just the two messages "before connecting" and "after connecting".
Somehow this socket seems to be 'stuck'. Anyone have this problem before or know what's going on?
Any help is really appreciated.