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Thread: Need help: using a loop to insert instance names into a function/event listener

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    Unhappy Need help: using a loop to insert instance names into a function/event listener

    Hello, I am having trouble with a loop. I would like to add mouse events to a few movieclips, but I don't want to copy and paste the event listener and function over and over for each individual MC. I've tried a loop with an array of the instance names (I tried using the same technique with PHP), but it doesn't seem to work for me. Could you please look at the code below and help me out? I am pretty slow with ActionScript, so apologies if my terminology is off. If you would like the .fla file, just ask.

    PHP Code:
    var colorList:Array = new Array("green","yellow","blue");

    each( var color in colorList ) {
    color.addEventListenerMouseEvent.MOUSE_OVERmouseOn );
    color.addEventListenerMouseEvent.MOUSE_OUTmouseOff );
    mouseOne:MouseEvent ):void {
    mouseOffe:MouseEvent ):void {

    Thank you.

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    Instead of putting the names in the array, put the actual instances. Also, you can't define named functions in another function like that. (Actually, you pretty much can, but not like that and it's advanced stuff, and you don't need to here).
    var colorList:Array = new Array(green, yellow, blue);
    for each( var color:MovieClip in colorList){
      color.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, mouseOn);
      color.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT, mouseOff);
    function mouseOn(e:MouseEvent):void{
       (event.currentTarget as MovieClip).gotoAndStop(2);
    function mouseOff(e:MouseEvent):void{
      (event.currentTarget as MovieClip).gotoAndStop(2);

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