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Thread: color change across several tweens?

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    color change across several tweens?

    I'm looking to have a graphic tween into different graphics five times and have the color gradually change from the first graphic (white) to the ending graphic (81DCFE).

    I know how to change the color from tween to tween, I'm looking for a solution that will gradually change throughout all of the tweens.

    I've just upgraded from CS2 to CS3 in an attempt to inspire myself to use and learn flash more.

    Thanks, I love flashkit, very informative,

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    I have created an example file which you can learn from. It should solve your problem.

    You must download the ziped version of "Movieclip tweening prototypes 1.2.0" from http://laco.wz.cz/tween/
    Extract the archive into the same folder as the FLA file.

    I use this class to tween smoothly between colors.
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