Yeah, I really don't know where to post this so I apologize beforehand if I'm too much off-topic.

What I want to do is to convert a SWF 2 AVI. I know you can do it from within the IDE and I know there are TONS of apps that will do this for me. But I'm kinda looking for the possibility of doing an app of my own that does this.

While the obvious approach would be to real-time capture a window, it seems like there exists other possibilities.

I came across Eltima SWF2AVI which claims to convert frame by frame, and it does it without requiring the OCX to be installed in the system. Does anyone have a clue to how this can be achieved?

I need to create an app which can dump my custom SWFs, frame by frame, without even the slightest hint of a glitch to a video format of my choosing.

Any help would be much appreciated!